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GM Molding Fasteners > 99-8405 - 25pcs. / Mldg. Ret.
99-8405 - 25pcs. / Mldg. Ret.

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Prod. Code: 99-8405

GM Side Retainer Moulding Clip

Hole Size: 1/2" x 7/32"

Top of Clip 3/4" Long

Width of Top 3/8"




Used on Various other Mouldings

GM ,Chevrolet, Cadillac & Others (1962 - 66) 

Auveco: #23965 / Car-Pak: #99-8405

Formerly Car-Pak: #93-7101


NOTE: There is another popular clip for GM that looks like this one. If you're ordering these, and you have a sample - then measure your sample. If your clip is just under 1" long then these are not the ones you want. These are basically only 3/4" long and will not work with your moldings. The ones you need are not available any more (discontinued).