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Please look through the headings on the left for what your needing.  If your looking for Plastic type molding clips that snap over a stud, then look under the heading for your make of car.

For universal, T-Bolt type clips look under the Universal Molding Fastener heading.

Clips are not specific to make or model, since the manufacturer may have used the same clips on different models during that year.

1. Try to get the dealer's OEM Part # for the fastener.  You can obtain this information from the dealer's parts department or body shop.  On some plastic molding clips the part # is embossed on the clip.  With this number we can research the availability of the part.  Email this information to us at  Autofastco@outlook.com

2. Any samples you can mail can aid us in locating the exact clips. 

3. Email us a photo of any clips you have, placing a penny or ruler for size reference next to the clip.  From this we will have a starting point to search out the clip.


...Unfortunately many fasteners for cars from the past have been discontinued.  The only way to replace them is by searching  junk yards or researching the net for collectors, etc., who may still have what you're looking for.

... Fortunately, many fasteners are still available.  Any of the steps above are a good starting point to help us locate the fasteners you need:

Still need help, then use the email link below.


Refer all questions to:  AutoFastco@outlook.com