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Universal Molding Fasteners > J01972 - 10pcs. / Plastic Break Away Mldg.Clip
J01972 - 10pcs. /  Plastic Break Away Mldg.Clip

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Prod. Code: J01972

Universal Moulding Fastener / Plastic Nylon

Fits 3/8" Hole

Tab: 1/2"

Plate Length: 3"

Plate Width: 3/4"

Break-Off Type for Mouldings up to 3" Wide

Plate Break Off Plate at 5/32" Perforations To Fit Moulding

Top Tab can be cut to adjust to Mldg Thickness / Main body is serrated to adjust to Mldg Width



General Purpose

Auveco: #23525 / Car-Pak: #J01972