Special Order - CarPak Catalog
To help you with finding the parts your needing.

We are a proud distributor for the CarPak Manufacturing company, one of the largest specialty auto parts supplier in the country. 

Below we've listed some PDF files of the CarPak catalog showing moulding, door & trim, head lamp, windshield, & Import clips. Each section below is self explanatory. 

Please allow some time for the files to load. 

If you locate a part your interested in, email us the CarPak part # from the catalog, and we'll email you back with availability, cost and ordering status.  Not every part showing in the catalog if readily available, some items have been discontinued, (and not removed from the catalog),  however, we do not know that until we inquire as to its availability.

We do want to offer you the best opportunity to find the parts your looking for and the CarPak catalog is an excellent source for research.

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